Sunday, November 11, 2007


Well...cheer season is somewhat over, so I finally get to focus on other things besides cheers, competition, drama, games, snacks, water, etc. I learned so much from this experience in 3 months it's unbelievable. My squad worked so hard and did so good that they made 1st place at competition. They were incredibly proud of themselves and even if that was all they got out of it, that makes me the happiest. A feeling of accomplishment and something positive to add to their life's resume.

So now next up is time to focus on my home and myself! I need to dust off my art studio (which is a table and cabinet in a little corner of my house!)...but still it's "My Art Studio" and get to work on some projects. I recently made some art tags for my first art-e-zine swap. The theme was "My Grandmother's Knickers". When I closed my eyes and thought about this...I envisioned lace, feathers, buttons, black velvet. So here's a picture of my tags that I mailed to Scotland. (I hope they made it with the postage strike and all over there!)
The artists on art-e-zine are simply amazing. You should go by and check out their ATC's and other mixed media work....truly gorgeous and amazing. I wish I could see and feel all of this art in real life, but I'll settle for pictures!

Gotta go get's a beautiful day!!


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