Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Look at all these COLORS!! I Love this is so awesome.

Sweet Scents

Sweet Scents, originally uploaded by Bella Seven.

I'll take them all!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Izabella Blue ROCKS!!!

As I'm sure you know if you've read my blog before, my absolute favorite artist in the whole world is Izabella. She is so talented and her art just grabs me from the inside. Every picture is so unique and different. Just wait people...someday she will be the next Van Gogh. Here's her most recent for sale on E-bay:

Love it !!! Have a great day. I have a special surprise for my next's going to be awesome!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Jillian @ Bohemiart

Guess what I found in my mailbox yesterday! An art card made by Jillian of Bohemiart. LOVE her stuff...she puts so much detail into her stuff. I bought it on E-bay. Check out her site at:
My web friend, Susan, at told me about her a while back, so I had to check her out. Here's some pics of her art kind of reminds me of that move Jezzabel with Bette Davis (I think)...that was a really good oldie!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Check it out!!

OMG...I found some cool stuff today at a tag sale! It seems like when you're least expecting to find something, it's easier to find you know what I mean?!! I love the wallpaper is so cute! It's perfect for collage stuff and book covers, etc. I love the black background. The feather boa will be plucked clean should last a little while though ;-) All this for $7.00, not too bad. In with all the buttons (there were a whole lot more...these are just a sampling), there is a ring made out of a silver spoon. Do you remember those?! There were also some antique buttons that don't have button holes...they have some other weird thingamajig...I'll have to research that later. Here's pictures of my loot~

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Never Forgotten

In February of 2008, JoAnnA Pierotti, a founding member of the artist community known as ZNE, lost her mother suddenly and unexpectedly. In the week following, 68 artists from all over the world stepped forward. They provided artistic images and financial contributions in order to create an art volume which would express their sympathy, concern, and support.
The result is this extraordinary collection which celebrates motherhood and love, and honors loss and the healing process.
With an introduction by mixed media artist Chelise Stroud Hery, and inspirational quotes throughout ~ this book provides a diverse and heart filled collection of artwork created in various mediums.
Welcome to Never Forgotten. Whether you are experiencing loss yourself, are looking for art inspiration, or simply appreciate the diversity and talent of contemporary emerging artists ~ you will find what you are looking for within this book's pages. To purchase the book go to:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wonderful Tags!!

BRAVO!!! We have the tags back and our tag swap was completed today. The theme was "An Inspirational Quote" and they were made by some very crafty individuals that I have the pleasure to work with. They are all so different and interesting. I've uploaded a few of my tags.
I am so happy the way these turned out because I actually broke out of my comfort zone to do these and used paint and some other techniques that I've never used before. Here are the steps for my tags:

1. painted tag
2. applied flat layer of white tissue paper
3. squished more tissue paper up into a ball
4. flattened it out a little and glued it onto the tag
5. collaged some vintage sheet music, telephone book pages, and other paper ephemera onto tag
6. dry brush painted 3 different colors here and there
7. applied gold glitter paint (love this stuff!)
8. stamped swirls here and there
9. pasted photo and quote
10. embossed here and there with irridescent powder
11. applied some bling bling and other embellishments
12. sprayed with sealant
13. added ribbon

The only thing I wasn't crazy about is there are ripples under my pictures. I printed them on old typing paper and used glue to put them down. They looked fine when I did them, but they rippled overnight as they dried. If any of you know how I can avoid this, please let me know.


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