Monday, June 2, 2008

Am I that stupid?

Seriously?!!? In one of my older posts I mentioned this awesome artist that makes mandalas. I had no idea what they were and vowed to research them when I had time. So I finally did the research and OMG - duh! It's the 'circle of life' basically, well...sort of. Sometimes I wonder how I have gotten through my life so far not knowing some of the things I continue to learn. Is it a good thing that I at least am curious to know what some of these things are, like a mandala...only to feel so stupid not knowing what it was in the first place?! embarrassing! is the first place I found that explained it in terms that I could understand. summer comes around and school is out, I think I'm going on a soul search. I feel incomplete and need some wholeness and completeness. Actually what I probably need is more time to lose myself in some art project or another. (I KNOW my fellow artists out there totally understand my frustrations.) Which might also explain why I am obsessing over Fleetwood Mac music, especially "Gold Dust Woman"...which I just learned this weekend is a song about cocaine! Holy cow...once again, I feel like an idiot! Well, guess what - I refuse to interpret that should be what you interpret it to be, right? So...for me this song means my current mood - no drugs...'s to 3 more days...then - I shall make my own mandala and hopefully find some peace.

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