Monday, August 4, 2008

Soul Journal Progress

I was able to work on my Soul Journal this weekend. I finished Page 1-4. Haven't seen everyone else's pages yet, but mine look like a total mess! BUT - it was soooo much fun! Especially the paint drip technique...I got a little carried away with that one! Here's the link to Sarah Whitmire's blog which has the journal details:

Then - my daughter decided to do a paint drip canvas for her newly painted room. She put a little too much water on it though, so all the colors came together and she didn't care for it. So we'll gesso over it so she can try it again!!

Here's my 'taped' page that we're supposed to go back to and do 'anything we want' with it. Hmmm...this is where I get stuck sometimes - a blank canvas is somewhat intimidating to me sometimes. Anyone else?

I like this quote that was on one of the Yahoo Art Groups I belong to:
"An artist does not organize her calendar, studio, notes, thoughts, and life for the sake of organization. Indeed, she may be inclined to resist organization on principle, on the principle that to stop to contain the chaos just for the sake of neatness is a waste of her precious time. True enough: but the dangers of disorganization are themselves profound. Can she really do everything she means to do- her art and her art business, her loving relating, her work inside herself and her work outside- without some careful organization? " ~Affirmations for Artists by Eric Maisel


Elliot Starr said... remind me of so many things...

grrl+dog said...

the blobs are so free, I love the spontaneousness of your go grrl. Thank you so much for stopping in to check out a fellow soul journaller. Your blog is so feminine, it must reflect you to a tee.

arlene said...

Your pages look like so much fun. I love the bright colours!

arlene in alberta

Sandy..... said...

I just came across Sarah's Soul Jounral challenege (and hence...your blog...) and plan on starting, too.
You're doing a great job so far! It looks like you're usuing tape on several of the looks really good!

Anne said...

Hi, Amy! I love seeing your progress on the Soul Journal so far! I've just started my own Soul Journal following Sarah Whitmire's prompts. Just follow the link from my name to my blog, Gaal Creative, to see where I am! If you'd like to trade blog links, just let me know! :-)

Scrappy Cat said...

I love your dripped paint pages too. That was one of my favorite techniques too.

I haven't decided what to do with my taped pages either.

My Vintage Studio said...

I think your journal looks great! I love the quote on your post! There are SO many "artists" that have organized their studios just to get in the magazines! A true artist has inspiration flowing from all corners of their world!
Thank you for sharing!


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