Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Soul Journal Finally!

I finally got to sit down and do some work on my Soul Journal...I was so excited! If you don't know about it...go to http://sarahwhitmire.blogspot.com/ to start your Soul Journal. There's a large group of talented artists that are participating in this project.

I've learned that Gesso is my friend :D

I think I like my house now...I just need to add the people.

We were supposed to go back to our taped pages and this is what I did last night. I like the bright yellow with accents of red and blue. I used black electrical tape underneath.

Pages 5 and 6....I gessoed over what I did previously and am still not quite happy with this, so I might go back later. We were supposed to add something metal and I love the key that says "Do Not Duplicate"...really fitting for this journal, don't ya think? I (me, myself and I) cannot be duplicated!!

Tags from the Crinoline Swap...they are all so fluffy and pretty!


Mary S Hunt said...

these journal pages are terrific!
i especially like the way 5 and 6 turned out with the circles.
you are going to enjoy soul journal group..

KathrynAntyr said...

These are wonderful pages. I too learned that gesso was my friend when I started my own soul journal.

Welcome to the group!

{soul hugs}


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