Saturday, December 27, 2008


Wahooo...made it through another holiday. This year I was so sick and am just now getting over a horrible cold. My poor family probably thinks the dinner and general house cleanup fairy died. But, no she is slowly coming back to life and looking around at a messy house. Time to dust off the broom and get to work. I love this time of year - actually to me this is spring cleaning time. I generally throw out what we don't need anymore and start fresh for a new year.

Artfully speaking I plan to do the same. As all artists know there is so much 'stuff' packed here and there that we cannot seem to get rid of. Some trash will be turned into treasure someday. Perhaps I just need to organize a bit? Hmmm..that means buying more 'organizing' stuff. Or... I could decide to not have a garage sale, donate all the stuff to charity and put my artsy stuff out there. (Down south garages are meant for storage...unfortunately we can never seem to fit our cars inside them. For those of you lucky few up north with basements...I just say LUCKY YOU!!)
Anyhoo...I think I'll forget about the housework, pour myself a glass of wine, light some candles and take a bath ;-)

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