Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am Thankful...

I was just sitting here thinking about how grateful I am to have all of you wonderful women out there in the world, from the Soul Journal group to my Friday Night Club gals to my friends at work...I am truly blessed. Here's a poem I came across that reminds me of our art groups as we are working together.

Any woman who sews or knits, or weaves, blends colors in a tapestry
or creates a patchwork quilt, knows by the feel that a single thread is
weak but the weaving, the blending, the intertwining with many others
makes it strong. Any woman alone, without friends to sustain her, to
nurture and support, to hold with loving arms, like a single thread, is weak.
But the weaving, the loving, the nurturing of others, the networks of
friendship makes her strong.

by~Barbara, 1994 in "The Kinship of Women"


Christy said...

aww now you got me all teary eyed. that is such a lovely sentiment and so true. we really are not fit unless we are capable of supporting other women and other artists in general (female or not). you rock!

teri said...

That is so true for me, and such a lovely sentiment. Recently someone asked me what my "muse" was, and after translating what that meant I figured out my source of inspiration was my interaction with other creative women, who inspire me and keep me lifted up. thank you!


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