Monday, April 13, 2009


One of my Yahoo groups...Soul Journal are doing a mandala swap. I played around with this really cool FREE application that will make a mandala out of any picture. (see website at bottom of post)

This is my chandelier:

This is a Moulin Rouge picture:

This is the French Sun picture off of my Facebook:

This is from my favorite childhood book and the mandala I submitted for the swap:

Spring Mandala (see the birds and flowers?) I love it.
Go to this link to make your own:

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Santiago Mills said...

Awesome, your chandelier looks like Swarovski crystals ! This can serve as the main attraction of your living room. Surely, many visitors of your home get fascinated with its exquisite design and the radiant light that it provides. A plain ceiling can look absolutely stunning, if decorated with a chandelier that looks like pieces of jewelry floating in the air.
Santiago Mills


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