Friday, June 26, 2009

Book Autopsies

This is just awe-inspiring, beyond words, freakin' amazing!! Can you imagine the precision and patience it would take to do this? Check out more info on Brian at:

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Mixed Media Martyr said...

What a coincidence! I just saw Brian's work for the first time in an old issue of Somerset that my friend just gave me for my birthday. Isn't his work incredible?! I would love to see his process... does it come together accidentally... or does he painstakingly go through the books and work out every last picture and text placement before he starts?! It just draws me in.

I saw a book artist locally (Hawkes Bay, New Zealand) a little while ago who cut sculptures into the book pages, they were incredible too!

I would love to try a mini version of Brian's artwork some time and see how I go. Maybe a small children's book with lots of pictures... MMmmmmmmmmmm.


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