Saturday, December 29, 2007


Now that school is out for holiday's been so much fun surfing the web and checking everyone's latest artwork out! Wow...there is some good stuff out there!! Kime Buzzelli is an awesome artist whose watercolors are so pretty. I love the colors and the girls in the paintings seem like they are real models. I adore her paintings and I believe she does clothing too. You can check out more of her work on this link. (Once there, click on the title on the left side of the site to view each painting.

Moving on...I checked out some of my other faves...Anahata Katkin is one of my favorites. She seems like such a cool lady...I wish I could take one of her classes. Hmm...maybe I see a trip to an art class happening... Here's some of her pictures. She sells a lot of her work to do collages which I'm definitely going to invest in this year. Her site is under My Favorite Websites below. Her artwork is also very 'colorful' which I love. Very visual and fun art! I'm so glad we are not the only freaks out there!!!

My favorite blog and of course LOVE the artwork is Izabella's Blue. Once again...the color is so vivid. But, it's not just her artwork that gets me, it's also her poetry, songs and videos on her blog. Her work seems so mystical and fascinatingly haunting to me. It kind of draws you in and makes you think on a whole different level. Here are some of her beauties:
Aren't they gorgeous?!!! I wish I had that kind of talent. As for me, I'm continuing to work on my techniques. I have no idea what my style is! I wish it could be like Izabella's, but alas when I create, it never looks dark and cool like that. My work leans more towards the romantic and/or sarcastic, but usually frou-frou no matter how hard I try not to!!

Since I've had time, I created some stuff. I think right now I'm really into pop art and the Andy Warhol thing. The first ATC is titled "Crushed" and has translucent blue and green beads on the top and bottom that look really cool. Next is my fun retro pin-up ATC - these are so fun to make ;-) And of course, my token 'romantic' piece titled "Hidden Passion".'s time to go and make more of a mess in my craft room...cheers!!


Ro Bruhn said...

Thanks for the link to Kim's work, her painting looks fabulous. Isabella also does great art too. I like your collages.

Susan Sager Brown said...

I love "Crush" ! Beautiful! Would you consider a trade for it? Check out my ATC's etc at
Thank you for letting us know about the artists you admire. Check out Bohemiart, I think Jillian's work will speak to you, too! Your blog is very beautifully arranged and colored!
Susan Sager Brown

Amybella said...

Susan - I would love to trade an ATC with you. I like your "Cooper Wings" and/or "Spit Out Your Past"...very beautiful and it looks like there's texture there which I love. Email me at for address exchange. Thanks so much!

Susan Sager Brown said...

Received "Crush" in the mail today.Better than ever in person!Love those beads! I really like your ATC stamp on the back, too. Want to share your source?? Let me know when you receive "Copper Wings". I hope you like it!

Amybella said...

Hi Susan,

I got the ATC stamp on the back on Ebay and it's usually always on there. Just search for Artist Trading Card Stamp and you can find it. I got your package...check out my comments in my blog!! (LOVED IT!)


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