Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So... on the news this morning, they reported that soon the US might put in bike routes similar to those over in Europe (I think they said France), where you can just jump on a bike, ride it to where you need to go, then jump off and park it for the next person! Is that for real?!?!! That would be sooo awesome!
Here in my town close to Dallas, Texas, there is one (I repeat...ONE!) lady who rides a bike consistently around town doing her errands here and there. Everyone calls her the "crazy lady". that sad or what?! I would like to put a basket on the front of my bike and ride it everywhere I need to go but my kids have strictly forbid me to even THINK about it because heaven forbid, someone might see me! Hah....
Little do they know that hopefully soon...that will be the norm. I HAVE noticed more people riding their bikes and walking but still more for "fitness". I suppose that could be a good excuse to ride the bike down to wally-world to get milk...I could just carry a backpack instead of a pretty basket.
So, if any of you from other countries have any advice or comments, I would love to hear them and share them with my spoiled rotten children!


Scrappy Jessi said...

so cute!! i love beach cruisers!!!
and yes we will probably have to start using them more.

Phyllis said...

Love your photos of bikes! My advice regarding you riding your bike more around town....GO FOR IT!
It's healthy, fun and good for the environment. You'd be setting a good example for your kiddos. And besides, they might secretly admire you for it...eventually! Inspire them.

Amybella said...

Hmmmm Phyllis, you are so right - I just might take your advice on that! (and thank you :)

PM Summer said...

Just get on your bike and ride. You don't need anyone's permission.


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