Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Well...here we are at Election Day...FINALLY!! I can't wait till we are done with this! This picture is my first prompt from the Soul Journal group that is continuing the journey from Sarah Whitmire's Soul Journal prompts. This is the "Instant Gratification" prompt. I loved this exercise. As I was trying to figure out what one word to use and pull down from, I was listening to the continuous election rambling on one of the news channels and waalahh. I found this picture of the Statue of Liberty and glued her on. Then messed around with other stuff, put a glaze over the top of her and I must have used the wrong stuff...I probably dipped my brush in glue or something and she started peeling away. CRAP!!! But, I really wanted her, so I thought about it and then decided to write about her anyway and this is what I came up with.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day...go VOTE!!


Francine Cronos said...

I love your pages. What an awesome topic to write about. Your questions reflect the questions that are in the minds of many, and the peeling Statue of Liberty pic is so appropriate for your journaling. Great job!

Mar said...

great page...yes i voted and no i don't want to see what has happened in the 10 years from now span...i don't think it is going to be good

that slide show at the botom of vintage pictures
I LOVE that did you create it?
how did you create it
and can i too create one??????

Sarah E. said...

Amy, I really like how your IG page turned out! I was reading through other posts in your blog and saw that you live near Dallas...as do I! Which town are you in? Regards, Sarah E.

morningDove said...

how appropriate Lady Liberty started to peel - maybe not accident but perfect pic with the words you chose and the questions you ask. I love it. great beginning.


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