Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Photo Editing

I was playing around with a photo editing software on the "lady with
pearls" photo and now I can't remember which software I used. It
actually distressed the photo and put these cool corner designs on it.
I will have to keep looking!! Should have written it down. Feel free
to use these photos...don't they look cool?!!


Mar said...

i love the distressed look the photo took on

but i think i would like the real photo taking on the distressed quality

opposed to viewing it with the feature added in photo shop
IF it was going to become some part of an art work composition

aren't photo shops cool though

people are doing so much with the features from the programs...
and i like a lot of what they do
but i prefer the quality the "real" pieces bring out over the worked up program end result.
just a preference i have..

i like the result you achieved..

so for me photoshop results would be like an experiment
prior to how i want the "real" piece to work out...

Susan Sager Brown said...

Hi Amy
This photo is really cool. Love how it turned out. I haven't even mastered digital layering yet!!
Also love your vintage slideshow. Had to borrow the Hot Cup of Java for my blog!!! It totally expresses my mood these days.
Best Holiday Season to you,


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