Sunday, March 22, 2009

Excuse the mess!

Please excuse my mess of a blog while I'm transferring it to a '3 column' template...I'm so excited! But for right now it's a hodgepodge of stuff.

Now on to projects. In my Soul Journal group we are working on mandalas. I was so excited when I saw this prompt because I've mentioned mandalas before (see labels on side bar) and have been curious about them ever since. Here is the beginning of mine:

Below is another page I created. I love the green and black looks so elegant and it was perfect for this vintage photo.

Last but not least...I made this special item for my friend Lisa for her birthday. She's a 'beachy' gal and I couldn't just make her any ole card. So, I thought to myself, "it would be really cool to put her card in a bottle like it was washed up on shore".
So that's exactly what I did! I put lots of little treasures in the sand for her to find...a pink flip flop, gold sun, tiny shells, glass beads. That was a fun project to make and I have a request for another one! Now, if I can just locate another square bottle (that one was from my personal collection), I'll be set!!


Ann said...


Iowa Sunshine said...

OMGosh! That is the neatest idea ever! I have a friend in NC who i would love to get sand and things from like that. She did send me some beautiful white sand. =) Thanks for sharing your talent! HUGS


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