Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friends never forget...

Here's some pictures of my latest project. I made cards for some dear friends that helped me out while my little one was sick these past few weeks. They were picking up the slack at work, offering advice, that sort of thing. I am so lucky to have friends, coworkers, family in my life that offer advice and encouragement. It really does take a village nowadays and I treasure those relationships.

Weird picture of all three below...sucky lighting!

Technique: Gather up old dictionary pages, rip them up and distres all sides, sponge on brown ink or stain. Layer them together letting some overlap, then layer on some muslin that was torn into a square, then tulle, then ribbon and other embellishments. I chose to glue everything together, but you can sew the layers if you want to. The flower was really fun to make. Cut 7 circles from sheet music, make them all different sizes. Sponge some color onto pink, blue, etc. Layer them all together and punch a little hole in the middle, put a brad through and close in the back. Fluff and wahlah!!

Speaking of friends never forgetting...we lost a dear loved one (at work) this morning. Mrs. "K" was a treasure to many and she will be missed. Mrs. K, I know you're up there right now with full makeup on, hair done just right, beautiful clothes and shoes and of course a lovely crown...have fun sweet will be missed and remembered always.

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