Monday, January 21, 2008

Pop Art

Well, I had fun with some Pop Art images this weekend. I made some fun ATC cards using Roy Lichtenstein prints. I like his prints better than's the whole romance thing, I think. I adore the rich color and added a lot of texture to them. On one of them I accidenteally poured too many of the tiny little beads onto the card and discovered that looks cool! Don't you just love it when accidents are not really accidents after all?!!

The "Singer ATC" almost had me undone. What a pain this one was! The picture in my head was supposed to be so simple...what the hell happened?! Oh well, I like the little curtains that you can close and open. It's actually kind of cool if you're the tactile type. (The picture is a little blurry isn't it?)
Anyway, I think I'm done with Pop Art for a little while. Now, I want to focus on my favorite holiday - Valentine's Day! I LOVE Valentine's Day...probably because it uses my favorite color - RED!!! So expect to see some serious red stuff coming real soon. Ciao for now...

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