Sunday, May 11, 2008

Madonna Galore / Million Visions

Yes...I am a Madonna fan. I have loved her since the very beginning of her career and have followed her since. My kids were so sweet to buy me her new CD for my birthday (love them to pieces :0) Usually her newer CD's have to grow on me. I can listen to a few songs and slowly get used to them. Her music changes every time! The only one that I loved from the beginning (of her recent music) was the 'Music' CD.
Anyhow...this collage is too cool. This is a quite classic mosaic made with tiles taken from frames of her video. To enjoy this picture at its best, put on a Madonna song and dance your heart out!!!

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bettysonly said...

I love Madonna too. I have loved her from the beginning. You are right her music has changed, but it is always Madonna.

I am going to add you Etsy shop to my favorites and I will be back.

Betty's Only


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