Monday, January 28, 2008

A little bit accomplished!

I managed to make a total mess out of my craft room!! This is a before picture...everything is nice and neat and in its place. should see it now!! I would take a picture but I can't find the camera :-) I didn't get as much accomplished as I would have liked to. But, at least there is some stuff in progress which is the usual.
I am working on a swap through art-e-zine. It's a heart swap, 3 for 3. I made these and then realized they are too big...the dimensions are off by 1". So...I will probably give these to friends or sell on Etsy.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Pop Art

Well, I had fun with some Pop Art images this weekend. I made some fun ATC cards using Roy Lichtenstein prints. I like his prints better than's the whole romance thing, I think. I adore the rich color and added a lot of texture to them. On one of them I accidenteally poured too many of the tiny little beads onto the card and discovered that looks cool! Don't you just love it when accidents are not really accidents after all?!!

The "Singer ATC" almost had me undone. What a pain this one was! The picture in my head was supposed to be so simple...what the hell happened?! Oh well, I like the little curtains that you can close and open. It's actually kind of cool if you're the tactile type. (The picture is a little blurry isn't it?)
Anyway, I think I'm done with Pop Art for a little while. Now, I want to focus on my favorite holiday - Valentine's Day! I LOVE Valentine's Day...probably because it uses my favorite color - RED!!! So expect to see some serious red stuff coming real soon. Ciao for now...

Thursday, January 10, 2008


One of the artists, Marci Glenn, from a group I belong to, Art-E-Zine, created her blog the other day and posed a very interesting question for those in the 'art world'. She said that every artist has some type of 'signature' that always appears in their art and her goal for this year was to figure out what her signature is. Her blog is:
What a great question! So, I'm trying to figure out what my signature is. And, looking at my blog from a visitor perspective, I would say my signature is "vintage showgirl". What do you think?

When I was a little girl and my family and I went to Six Flags...guess what my most favorite thing to do was at this huge amusement park? Well, I'll tell you, it wasn't the roller coasters, rides, food and - none of was the SHOWS!!!! I remember sitting in the audience in anticipation of the big show that was to come (and cooling off because that was the only place in the entire park that had A/C!). I was so excited and in awe of those beautiful ladies in their colorful sparkly costumes singing and dancing and smiling. And, some of you may remember one act there were these fake dancer puppet showgirls that came down from the ceiling on swings! It was so cool!! Okay...that was kind of cheesy, but I was like ten!

My grandparents took me to a lot of live performances...different plays, concerts and dances. Have you heard of Johnny High's Musical Review? Every Saturday night...we would be there and see performances by different talent from around the world. Of course, this was all on a military budget, so I never really saw the fancy musicals and plays on Broadway or anything. Only later in life, I have had the luxury occassionally to see some expensive musicals and ballets. Being in dance most of my life and a dancer myself, I sometimes still think I could be one of those showgirls....hmmmm, I wonder? Anyhow, it's always good to have a dream no matter how old you get, right?! During my first trip to Las Vegas, I couldn't wait to see a real live Las Vegas show...forget the gambling! So, my husband and I purchased tickets to a show that has been in Vegas since it began I think and the tickets were not quite so expensive, we were just old enough to drink at the time. And, while I was sitting in the audience, it felt just a little bit different as I was sitting waiting for the show...I didn't know what it was. Well...when the curtains rose and the dancers came out...OMG...THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY TOPS ON!!! Holy cow...totally freaked me out!! LOL...I was (and still am) so naive. Me personally, I prefer the costumes that cover and add just a little hint of naughtiness, ya know. I love the froufrou...feathers, bustles, petticoats, swinging skirts, all that good stuff.

So, I know this post has nothing to do with my latest art creations...but it does have some insight as to my style, which I find somewhat comforting.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Little Package of Joy!!

After being sick all weekend and just surfacing this afternoon...guess what was in my mailbox?!! A wonderful little envelope of joy from Susan Sager Brown. We swapped ATC's...I sent her my "Crushed" ATC and she sent me her "Copper Wings". It is so beautiful in person...very shimmery and the butterfly is gorgeous! But...that's not all...she also sent me some cool picks from, stamps and most special is a vintage Texas postage stamp from 1945. Very nice...thanks so much Susan...xxxooo. Check out her blog:
I did manage to make my friend Wendy a small monogram sign. It's very sparkly...hope she likes it :-) I also made a bouquet of flowers that had the wonderful poem about Gardening God's Way included in it for a friend's birthday a while back. Here's the poem:

Gardening God's Way
author unknown

Plant three rows of peas: Peace of mind Peace of heart Peace of soul

Plant four rows of squash: Squash gossip Squash indifference Squash grumbling Squash selfishness

Plant four rows of lettuce: Lettuce be faithful Lettuce be kind Lettuce be obedient Lettuce really love one another

No garden should be without turnips: Turnip for meetings Turnip for service Turnip to help one another

Water freely with patience and Cultivate with love. There is abundence in your garden.... Because you reap what you sow.

To conclude our garden, We must have thyme: Thyme for God Thyme for study Thyme for prayer. Pretty nice garden! And here is the bouquet:

It is very simple to make. I hot-glued seed packets (they are now in stores!) to wooden bamboo skewers, also hot glue paper and fabric glowers to skewers and put them all in a pretty container filled with navy beans or colored rocks. Try it and send me a pic!


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