Saturday, May 31, 2008

Smile on Fair

Smile on Fair, originally uploaded by village9991.

Vanity Fair has never looked so good ;-) Damn...this guy is so freakin' talented!!

Kime Buzzelli

More Kime Buzzelli artwork!! I LOVE her drawings...she is so amazing and the colors are beauuuuutiiiifuuulllll!!!!!

There is a good article in Swindle magazine on Kime at this link:

and more here:

and her etsy:

I like this Swindle looks kind of cool!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pretty Cool Stuff

Look what arrived from !!! I love the little Chinese Red envelopes...the colors really pop. Not sure what I will use them for yet or if I can bear to part with them.

Here's what I got from It all arrived in this cool vintage paper bag that of course (you all know) is going to be recycled into some art project ;-) I LOVE the German Scrap...the blue is absolutely brilliant! And, I can't wait to use the turquoise glitter!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bulles Dorees est beau

Ohhhh...I'm so excited!! This artist is truly amazing and her blog is all in French...I just LOVE her!!

I just joined a Yahoo Group that discusses Art Techniques and I have so much to is going to be such a fun group and with amazing artists like - how can I be so lucky?!?!!
Her stuff is amazing and if you read through the text, it is even more beautiful. Check it out at:

I have more work to get done, so I shall leave you with this note. Right click and make it your wallpaper for you deserve it :o) xxoo ~ Amy

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Madonna Galore / Million Visions

Yes...I am a Madonna fan. I have loved her since the very beginning of her career and have followed her since. My kids were so sweet to buy me her new CD for my birthday (love them to pieces :0) Usually her newer CD's have to grow on me. I can listen to a few songs and slowly get used to them. Her music changes every time! The only one that I loved from the beginning (of her recent music) was the 'Music' CD.
Anyhow...this collage is too cool. This is a quite classic mosaic made with tiles taken from frames of her video. To enjoy this picture at its best, put on a Madonna song and dance your heart out!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New ATC's

I finally had time to just play around and create some ATC's just for the 'fun' of it. I had too many swaps going on in April and no time to play with no theme. The next theme we're doing in my work group is "All About Me". I can't wait to see everyone's results and learn more about my friends!! It should be fun. If you're interested in ATC trade...send me an email. Sorry the images are so blurry...I don't know what the problem is with both my scanner and camera....they both suck I guess...oh well! Cheers!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Nurse's Day

Happy Nurse's Day to all of you wonderful nurses out there. I have much respect and admiration for what you do. I made this card for my friend and our school nurse, Lisa. I hope she likes it!

Found this poem on the Internet...very well written.

Being a Nurse Means

You will never be bored
You will always be frustrated
You will be surrounded by challenges.
So much to do and so little time
You will carry immense responsibility
and limited authority.
You will step into people's lives
And you will make a difference.
Some will bless you,
Others will will curse you.
You will see people at their worst
And at their best.
You will never cease to be amazed
At people's capacity for
Love, courage and endurance.
You will experience resounding triumphs
And devestating failures.
You will cry a lot.
You will laugh a lot.
You will know what it is to be human
And to be humane.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Childhood Toys

Jessi over at is hosting a "Childhood Toys" party. My favorite toys from when I was a child are varied because my parents decided to live like "Little House on the Prairie" (not kidding...see picture below)!! We're talking no heat/air, running water, etc. We used a wood burning stove and an outhouse and it was freezin-A cold too!! So anyway, a lot of my toys were things I found in nature. Like there was this huge tree and that was my playhouse and I would make stew with pine needles and pinon nuts and whatever else I could scrounge up! That was fun. I did a lot of exploring in the mountains...that was truly a 'magical' time for me.

I was wearing my Hollie Hobbie embarrassing!! The other picture is of me in my dad's boots with Snoopy, my grandparents weiner dog....loved him!
Then I got this doll for Christmas one year and it had pre-packaged food that you mixed with water and real diapers and everything! I think I mostly ate the powder for the food though so my poor baby doll starved! Also had Mrs. Beasley. Like this doll...BUT - when I started going to school I got teased so much about this doll because my last name was almost exactly the same as hers so I got called that alot! But hey...there might be some resemblence in say 50 years or so!!

Then there was....BARBIE! I think I played with Barbie's for years and years. I had the 3 story townhouse WITH the elevator! I loved to change the outfits over and over. Me and my best friend, Rachelle, LOVED playing barbies. We would take them everywhere we went. That was so awesome....I wish I could still play Barbies ;-(

Then when I started watching TV (when I visited the big city)...I liked Wonder Woman and Charlie's Angel's. I used to pretend a lot when I was a imagination ran wild. I probably pretended like I was someone else more than I actually played with toys!

Later...discovered Merlin. This toy was awesome...what happened to it?!!! I also liked the Feely Meely game...did anyone else play that game?!
Also, can't forget the Green Machine. OMG - this thing was soooo much fun!! I would go tearin' a*# down this long hill (paved) and get towards the end and then do some serious donuts that scares the crap out of you, but is so much fun you can't stop giggling!! Hmmm...I need one of these now ;-)

Thanks Jessi-girl for hosting this fun blog toy party! It brings back wonderful memories and it's been so much fun seeing what others played with and treasured when they were little kids (on the outside...I'm still a little kid on the inside ;-)


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