Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Valentine's

SO...since my child is still sick - I put myself to work
on some sweet valentines for my co-workers. First, I
had to find the 'perfect' buttons, so I completely got
distracted looking (okay...and obsessing) over the buttons!

Then, I laid out my materials and the little ballerina
had to watch...

I had to take a picture of this because it reminds me
of that show on HGTV where the lady gets a color
pallette of all these different always looks
so neat! are together and glued on the cards.

Time to write my little note inside.

And, now they are all ready!!


4ravens said...

what sweet little valentines, Amy.
Happy Valentines Day!

Caroline said...

Wow what a lovely thing to do!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and I hope your child is better too.

An Evolving Artist @ Swallowcliffs said...

what fun cards! Your art is beautiful! And i am glad I got here today. I want to thank you personally for the vintage I love you graphic. I printed and used the sayings on my birdsongsred page! Thanks thanks thanks!

Lisa said...

So cute! I llllllovvvveee your blog.

Mar said...

happy valentines day amy
hope your child is doing better!

KathrynAntyr said...

I'm sure your co-workers were delighted with these cards.

Dawn said...

Lovely cards! You must enjoy your job and the people you work with to do such a nice thing, yay for you!;o)

Happy Valentines Day!

Jennifer Conway said...

Love those cards! Love the artdoll too! ha ha - love your button collection too!


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