Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine's Journal

I made this Valentine's albumn for a friend at work to give to
her girlfriend for her birthday. I worked so hard on this...I hope
they both like it! My camera takes sucky pictures though.

That's all for now!


My Vintage Studio said...

Beautiful journal! Enjoyed visiting your blog this evening.

Christy said...

Very sweet journal. Nice work!

tracy said...

They would be crazy not to love it. It is wonderful. I can see the amount of work you put into it. thank you for sharing such a wonderful piece. Oh, and thank you for the freebee.

Franny said...

Beautiful journal! Can I ask what you used for the journal prior to adding your wonderful art?

I am a newbie at this and it would be nice to know what you started with.

Anonymous said...

Amy - the valentines journal is wonderful I hope your friends loved it! I know I would.

Summer Gypsy said...

Great journal! I'm visiting from Soul Journal's Valentine Party! I'd love for you to drop by and "mingle."

KathrynAntyr said...

This is gorgeous. I'm sure they will love it. Have they seen it yet? You are so good to share your talents.

Happy Valentine's Day.
{soul hugs}

LaY hOoN said...

Beautiful Journal. I wish to come out one as well :)
Thanks for inspiration.


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